Finally, a Community Newspaper and Discussion Forum for All of Josephine County!

Finally, a Community Newspaper for All of Josephine County!

Read and discuss important local news, insightful analysis, and discover things to do in our amazing county. 



I can’t tell you how happy I was to read through the first issue of the Josephine County Eagle.  It felt almost indulgent to read news that delivered on facts since the norm has become the horrific bias that exists in just about every news medium in our country and city right now.  

Thank you for putting this news source together.  I can only imagine that because of the widespread circulation (brilliant idea by the way) you’ll have many a naysayer that will complain and call you all the typical terms: bigot, uneducated, selfish, science denier, and all the -phobics.

But clearly, you have a mission in mind with this paper, and for this Josephine County patron, I’m so grateful that you have gone forward and created something that can inspire, inform, and bring hope.  

Thank you so much, and the best of luck to you with this endeavor. 

Megan Baker

I wasn't sure what to expect when we received your new paper in our mailbox this weekend.  What a pleasant surprise as I read through the articles and columns.  This is what I have been looking for.

After a 15-year subscription to the Daily Courier, I had to cancel it this year as I could not tolerate the clear left focus of all articles and editorials. Although I miss many parts of that paper,  my blood pressure could not handle the headlines or editorials.  

Your paper has offered me hope of reading local news without the bias!  Your article on the Gospel Mission was amazing.  It cleared up many misconceptions people have about its mission and standards.  Our city is fortunate to have such a place that offers hope and a way out for the homeless population.

The articles on the fire protection levy have sparked a conversation among homeowners on Next Door that has helped to clarify all the unintended consequences of this levy. 

We plan on supporting the advertisers of your paper and greatly look forward to the next edition.  We would gladly pay a subscription fee to support this effort.

Ray and Katy Dalke