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7 Reasons To Advertise in the Eagle

  1. The Eagle gets read because it is interesting and covers important topics. Readers slow down, read the articles, and see the ads. Your ad. Unless you have a full-page ad, your ad will never be buried on a page full of ads. This matters a lot because you don’t want readers flipping past a page full of ads to get to the next article. And missing your ad.
  2. No other newspaper in Josephine County has 100% full color ads. You don’t pay extra for color.
  3. Your ad gets professionally designed by a trained graphic artist and reviewed by a marketing strategist. All at no extra cost. 
  4. No other newspaper in Josephine County promotes its advertisers in daily emails to its most interested readers and at public events. Eagle readers know the Eagle exists because of its advertisers. You support the Eagle and Eagle readers support you.
  5. The Josephine County Eagle newspaper is published in February, April, June, August, October and December.  Your ad won't appear one day and be gone the next. Readers may keep their paper (and your ad) around for a month or longer.
  6. The Eagle also offers advertising opportunities on the JoCo Eagle Forum. You can choose to advertise in print, online, or both.
  7. By supporting the Eagle, you support the cause of creating a better Josephine County for us and for future generations. This includes your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren. What good does it do to have a successful business if your adult children move to Idaho, Florida or Texas? 

How To Get Started

We invite you to join our advertising mailing list by completing this form. You will receive a short series of emails with more information about Eagle advertising. When you’re ready, we’ll talk about your ad and reserve ad space in the next edition of the Josephine County Eagle.

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