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Your subscription to the Josephine County Eagle includes:

  • Eagle Print Edition: The Josephine County Eagle is published in February, April, June, August, October and December.
  • Eagle News Forum: News happens 24/7 and needs to be reported when it happens. Our online news and discussion forum lets you report, read and discuss Josephine County news every day. The Eagle News Forum is private, safe and moderated. Only Eagle subscribers get access to the community discussion forum. 

  • Daily News Updates: You'll receive daily news updates from the Eagle's publisher and editor, Richard Emmons.
  • Bonus: For 2022, you’ll receive a second Eagle newspaper for a friend or relative. Encourage them to subscribe to the Eagle.

How to subscribe by credit or debit card:

Just click this big red button and you can subscribe using our safe and secure shopping cart. A better Josephine County for just 16 cents per day!

Yes, you can give gift subscriptions to your family and friends.

Your first gift subscription is $59 and additional subscriptions can be added at $49 each. Just click this big red button to give an amazing gift.

How to subscribe by check:

  1. Write your $59 check payable to "The Eagle" or "Josephine County Eagle" 
  2. Provide your mailing address so we know where to mail your copy of the Josephine County Eagle.
  3. Provide your telephone number in case we have a question about your subscription.
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  6. Mail your subscription information and check to our address: 1867 Williams Highway, #201, Grants Pass, OR 97527
  7. Please contact us at our Help Desk if you have any questions. 

Getting Started: Upon receipt of your subscription, we'll email your invitation to join SocialLair and the Eagle News Forum. 

Help Desk: If you have questions regarding your subscription, please send your questions to info {at} jocoeagle {dot} com. 

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