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Supporting Readers

Local Newspapers Make Local Impact

Willard Scott once said, “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.”

The same thing has been said about one local newspaper in Grants Pass. “Always discouraging.” “So much negativity.” “Too much national news.” “Anti-Trump.” “Supports Big Government solutions.” And a whole lot more.

Finally, the founders of the Eagle decided to stop complaining and do something about it. With the help of a few donors and advertisers, the Eagle was launched on May 1, 2021. The Josephine County Eagle became the community newspaper for all of Josephine County.

How the Eagle is Making a Difference

In just a few months the Eagle is already making a positive difference in Josephine County. The Eagle doesn’t presume to tell people what to think. The Eagle prefers to give people options to think differently on important matters. Our readers get the full story, think differently, and begin to act differently.

There are many examples of how the Eagle is shaking things up in Josephine County. The Eagle has…

  • Reduced property taxes by opposing an $81,000,000 new school bond. The school bond failed with a 64% No vote.
  • Reduced property taxes by opposing the formation of a tax supported fire district in Josephine County which would have put one or both private fire protection companies out of business. This measure failed with a 52% No vote.
  • Raised awareness of the problems with the racist Critical Race Theory being taught in our local schools.
  • Warned parents about the tragedy of childhood transgenderism in public schools.
  • Encouraged parents to “think-outside-the-box” for educating their children and listed many local schooling options. 
  • Provided the “rest of the story” on COVID-19 mortality, treatment options and potential harms from the vaccines.
  • Informed the community on how the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission has helped responsible homeless men, women, and children escape the despair and hopelessness of life in the streets since 1983. All done in the name of Jesus Christ without a penny of taxpayer support. 
  • Questioned whether Governor Brown’s COVID-19 related lockdowns were worth the cost of closed businesses, schools and churches, increased joblessness, and the mental health ramifications of extended isolation.
  • Highlighted efforts in Congress to lock up billions of dollars of mineral wealth in our county.

Yes, the Eagle steps on toes. Maybe even a couple of yours as you review the list above. Yet consider the overall positive impact of the Eagle.

Ask yourself, “What kind of community newspaper do you want in Josephine County?”

Based on positive feedback from hundreds of readers, the Eagle offers a better alternative to the citizens of Josephine County. Now let’s talk about the business of providing the Eagle.

The Eagle is published monthly and mailed to every home and business in Josephine County. The production, printing and postage costs are high. The Eagle has a small staff who wear multiple hats. We cannot do this without our amazing advertisers. Yet the Eagle wouldn’t be a community newspaper if it was full of advertisements. The Eagle couldn’t publish news and analysis which shapes the narrative and improves life in Josephine County.

How You Can Make a Difference

Over the past few decades, many thousands of people have unsubscribed to the 19th century Grants Pass newspaper. We know this because long-time advertisers tell us they supply fewer and fewer inserts each week. 18,000, 16,000, 14,000, and now 12,000. Total circulation is down to about 25% of county households and businesses. Not great but still influential.

Unsubscribing does make a difference. That might include you. That’s playing defense. 

Ready to play offense? Keep on reading to learn how.

Support Your Local Newspaper of Choice

The Eagle publishes community news, announcements, and things to do. This often takes up more than half the pages of the Eagle. This space also costs money for paper, ink and postage. We expanded from 8 pages to 12 and plan to grow to 24 pages over the next year. 

The Eagles does not charge subscription fees. By mailing the Eagle to over 44,000 mailboxes, our circulation is 100%. This maximizes our local impact. However, it also means we cannot fund our expansion by getting new subscribers. For that we rely upon our supporting readers.

That’s where you can help by becoming an Eagle VIP.

We invite you to become an Eagle VIP

As an Eagle VIP, you receive the Eagle by first class mail along with other benefits described below. Your monthly support builds a foundation for a stronger Eagle today and an expanded Eagle in the future. 

Eagle VIP Forum. Open to Eagle VIPs only, you’ll discuss stories before they get printed in the Eagle, influence what makes it to the front page, and more. Coming Soon.

You get asked to contribute lots of causes and organizations. You need to choose where to “invest” your money. On the political side, any contributions to national politics will make next to no difference in Washington, D.C. Not so in your local area. 

Your monthly support keeps the Eagle flying high in Josephine County. Together, we’ll create a better Josephine County for our families and for future generations.

Not ready to commit to a monthly amount? 

That’s okay. You can  make a one-time contribution in any amount. Just click “One-time” and enter the amount. Every contribution makes a difference. You can also mail checks to us at 1867 Williams Highway, Suite 201, Grants Pass, OR 97527.


Please contact us to discuss any aspects of becoming an Eagle VIP. Publisher and Editor Richard Emmons is available to speak to small and large groups about the Eagle and ways to support its growth.

Thank you for supporting the Eagle.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. Ronald Reagan

Support Level

Eagle VIP Silver: $100/mo.

  • You get the Eagle mailed to you each month by first class mail.
  • You get 2 subscriptions to the JoCo Eagle Forum. (coming soon)
  • You get access to Eagle VIP Forum (coming soon)
  • We’ll insert an 1/8-page ad for your favorite organization every 12 months ($500 value)

Eagle VIP Gold: $250/mo.

  • You get the Eagle mailed to you each month by first class mail.
  • You get 2 subscriptions to the JoCo Eagle Forum. (coming soon)
  • You get access to Eagle VIP Forum (coming soon)
  • We’ll insert an 1/8-page ad for your favorite organization every 6 months ($1000 value)

Eagle VIP Platinum: $1000/mo.

  • You get the Eagle mailed to you each month by first class mail.
  • You get 4 subscriptions to the JoCo Eagle Forum. (coming soon)
  • You get access to Eagle VIP Forum (coming soon)
  • We’ll insert an 1/4-page ad for your favorite organization every 3 months ($3400 value)
  • We’ll feature you in an article about your life, your favorite cause, or write an article about something you want changed in Josephine County.

Eagle VIP Custom

  • You choose how much to contribute each month. 
  • You get the Eagle mailed to you each month by first class mail.
  • Your Eagle VIP benefits will vary based on your amount given. 

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. Thomas Paine

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Payment Options:

Credit and Debit Cards: All monthly subscription and one-time payments can be made here using your credit and debit cards.

ACH Bank Transfer: You can also choose to pay by e-check also known as ACH payments. The Eagle’s support platform uses Plaid which connects apps to more than 11,000 financial institutions in the United States. Using Plaid means you do have to enter your bank routing number and accounting number. 

Check: You can mail checks in any amount to: Josephine County Eagle, 1867 Williams Hwy, Ste 201, Grants Pass, OR 97527

Subscription Terms: This is an auto-renewing monthly subscription. You can change your VIP level or cancel at any time but there are no refunds. 

Questions: Send us your questions about becoming a Supporting Reader on our Contact page. 

I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas. Ron Paul

If you have any questions about becoming a Supporting Reader, please let us know by phone or email. Thank you for your consideration.