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Josephine County Eagle

Local Newspapers Make Local Impact

Willard Scott once said, “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.”

The same thing has been said about one local newspaper in Grants Pass. "Always discouraging." "So much negativity." "Too much national news." "Anti-Trump." "Supports Big Government solutions." And a whole lot more.

Finally, the founders of the Eagle decided to stop complaining and do something about it. With the help of a few donors and advertisers, the Eagle was launched in April 2021. The Josephine County Eagle became the community newspaper for all of Josephine County.

How the Eagle is Making a Difference

Here are some examples of how the Eagle is shaking things up in Josephine County. The Eagle has...

  • Reduced property taxes by opposing an $81,000,000 new school bond. The school bond failed with a 64% No vote.
  • Reduced property taxes by opposing the formation of a tax supported fire district in Josephine County which would have put one or both private fire protection companies out of business. This measure failed with a 52% No vote.
  • Raised awareness of the problems with the racist Critical Race Theory being taught in our local schools.
  • Warned parents about the tragedy of childhood transgenderism in public schools.
  • Encouraged parents to "think-outside-the-box" for educating their children and listed many local schooling options. 
  • Provided the "rest of the story" on COVID-19 mortality, treatment options and potential harms from the vaccines.
  • Informed the community on how the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission has helped responsible homeless men, women, and children escape the despair and hopelessness of life in the streets since 1983. All done in the name of Jesus Christ without a penny of taxpayer support. 
  • Questioned whether Governor Brown's COVID-19 related lockdowns were worth the cost of closed businesses, schools and churches, increased joblessness, and the mental health ramifications of extended isolation.
  • Highlighted efforts in Congress to lock up billions of dollars of mineral wealth in our county. Encouraged state employees to work together to implement this solution and protect every PERS recipient's pension checks.
  • Published the 2/21/21 District 7 Gender Identity Policy which had previously been hidden from parents and most teachers. 
  • Offered a creative and nonpolitical solution to the PERS $25 billion unfunded accrued liability.
  • Raised awareness of Cytomegalovirus, a widespread, unknown, and dangerous virus which can cause serious birth defects
  • Promoted Trail Life USA, a fast-growing faith based alternative to the Boy Scouts which has a troop in Josephine County.
  • Reported on the Greater Idaho project and its petition drive to get on the ballot in Josephine County.
  • Published the views of "Teacher X" on morale, masks, and "equity" within local public schools.
  • Reported on the status of creating an "Urban Campground" for homeless people within the City of Grants Pass
  • Reported on declining school enrollment in Grants Pass District 7 schools and Three Rivers School District.
  • Raised awareness on how obesity increases the harm from the Covid-19 illness.
  • Reported on how Covid-19-related school lockdowns have increased homeschooling in Josephine County and the USA.
  • Gave readers the unique perspectives of local writers on local issues and introduced readers to the views of national figures such as Dr. Ron Paul, R.C. Sproul and Judge Andrew Napolitano. 
  • Reported on the causes for the terminations and rehiring of local educators Rachel Damiano and Katie Medart. this included exclusive reports on why administrative law judges ruled they were "fired, but not for misconduct."
  • Published articles for and against Josephine County’s code enforcement ordinance and how it may help solve the county's problem with unlawful cannabis activities.
  • Contrasted the vast differences between how the City of Grants Pass' mayor/city council and the Josephine County Commissioners plan to spend federal government Covid-19 relief money.
  • Raised awareness about what 5-year olds in our local public schools are expected to know about sex.
  • And much, much more.

Stepping On Toes

Yes, the Eagle steps on toes. Maybe even a couple of yours as you review the list above. Yet consider the overall positive impact of the Eagle. Ask yourself, "What kind of community newspaper do you want in Josephine County?"

Based on positive feedback from hundreds of readers, the Eagle offers a better alternative to the citizens of Josephine County. Now let's talk about the business of providing the Eagle.

It's not enough for the Eagle to publish timely and accurate articles on important happenings in Josephine County. It's also important that we discuss these matters as a community. For this reason, we launched the Eagle News Forum on August 1, 2021. This is the place for reading and discussing the news of the day with other Eagle subscribers.

Community News For the 21st Century 

The Josephine County Eagle is a 21st Century community news organization which combines print and online news with an online community discussion forum.

The Eagle publishes its news in the following ways:

  • The Josephine County Eagle print edition is published in February, April, June, August, October and December of each year. The Eagle is delivered to its subscribers by the United States Postal Service.
  • The Eagle News Forum hosts all news reported by the Eagle, reliable news sources, and a growing cadre of citizen reporters. The online forum is private, safe and moderated. News gets reported and discussed every day when it happens, and when it needs to be known and understood. An Eagle subscription includes access to the online discussion forum and the print edition by USPS mail.
  • Top stories are published on the Eagle website news feed. This allows non-subscribers to read Eagle articles on important and timely issues.
  • Eagle News Updates are sent by email to subscribers and non-subscribers during the week.
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